Asian Securitex Conference 亞洲安防會議

Overcoming the Latest Challenges in the Security World


By 2030, the world will be radically transformed from our world today, challenging global peace and national security. To address this issue, this year the conference will focus on “Overcoming the Latest Challenges in the Security World“, bringing experts to share their knowledge on current threats and mechanisms, strategic and tactical ways to manage the conflicts and prevent further escalation. Are you ready to meet the security innovators?


2030年,我們的世界將徹底改變,隨著變幻莫測的國際局勢轉變及科技的進步,全球和平與國家安全受到極大的挑戰。為了早一步準備迎接這些危機,今年Asian Securitex亞洲安防會議將以「拆解亞洲最新安全威脅」為題,一眾專家分析當前及未來的安全威脅和應對機制、戰略及預防對策,防止危機進一步升級,與會人士更可藉此難能可貴的機會與亞洲安防業領袖精英及政府專家交流切磋,分享心得。你準備好了嗎?

Date 日期 : 10 May 2018 (Thursday) |  2018年5月10日 (星期二)  CPD Points Available!
Time 時間 : 09:15 – 17:00
Venue 地點 : Hall 1E, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
香港會議展覽中心會議室展覽廳 1E


Conference Programme 會議行程

2018 Programme details will be announced soon. Below is 2016 conference programme for your reference:


 09:00 – 09:30     Registration & Networking 登記及交流  
 09:30 – 09:40     Welcome Remarks  歡迎辭

Mr Douglas Renwick
Educational and Certification Representative
ASIS International Hong Kong Chapter

 09:40 – 10:00     Keynote Speech  主題演講

Mr Daniel Cham ka-hung
Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority

  Session 1 : Cyber Security  網絡安全
 10:00 – 10:40     Unknown Unknowns – Why Physical Security and Cyber Security need to converge
預知隱憂 – 為何實體保安和網絡安全缺一不可Mr Paul Jackson  
Managing Director
Stroz Friedberg 

The constant news about data breaches suggests that we need to rethink cyber security. Time and again, the weak point is human behaviour, yet very few organisations have a successful, holistic approach to identifying and preventing internal risks. This presentation will explain the risks through examples, and suggest a framework for a multi-department collaboration towards an enhanced security posture.


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 10:40 – 10:55     Refreshment and Networking Break 茶歇及交流
 10:55 – 11:35     Cyber Security & Technology Crime
網絡安全與科技犯罪Mr Sean Lin 
Chief Inspector of Police
Hong Kong Police Force

Most of them are not hackers. Neither do they reside in your city. In today’s Internet of everything’s world, how cyber criminals are riding on the ecosystem to reap you and your company off? Through trend analysis and case studies in cyber security and technology crime, you can start identifying your own weakest links, develop your own in-house program, or help our city to defend against these borderless culprits.

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 11:35 – 12:15     What you need to know about Cyber Security Operation
不可不知的網絡安全操作知識Mr Kevin Ng 
Security Consultant – Technical and Risk Advisory
Engage (Asia) Ltd 

You must have learnt from your previous incidents that Information Security Experts are important and demanding to your Organisation. Are your fully aware of the Pre- and Post- Incident approach? If your Organisation has been attacked by some Ransomeware or Latest sophisticated Trojan through Spear-phishing one of your Executives, what would be the first thing you do. I am here to explore some real attack cases from an Operational prospective and how Executive Management become critical to protecting Information Security. 

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  12:15 – 14:00     Networking Luncheon 交流午宴  
  Session 2 : Critical Infrastructure Security  基建安全防衛
 14:00 – 14:40    Critical Infrastructure Protection
基礎建設安全防衛對策Mr Damian Ryan 
Arup Resilience|Security|Risk EA Leader
ArupA broad focus is needed as we scan the horizon for future threats but this is not always translated into the high levels of protection we might expect for individual facilities.  The current media focus is on cyber security and drone attack but other, more prosaic threats and associated mitigation measures are often neglected. Damian discusses some of the design approaches seen in large scale projects in EA over the last decade, in urban planning, transport and the commercial sector.

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 14:40 – 15:20     Radicalisation and Lone Wolf Threat
激進化主義與孤狼威脅Mr Totti Karpela 
Peace of Mind Ltd 

An overview of recent incidents where radicalisation has happened online and as a result of this process, single cell, or lone-wolf operators have become active. Terrorism, workplace violence, an armed and violent individual or a troubled teenager all share similarities regarding their modus operandi. Of major concern is the possibility of creating highly traumatic incidents. How does one become a ‘lone-wolf’, how does the self-concept and behaviour of the suspect change and what role does mental health play in this process? I will examine the path that leads to violence, discuss the latest methods that professionals can use to evaluate and hopefully neutralise the threat and discuss ways on preventing radicalisation from occurring.

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 15:20 – 15:35     Refreshment and Networking Break 茶歇及交流  
 15:35 – 16:15      Expect the Unexpected
如何應付預知的安保挑戰Mr Peter Messervy 
Director – Group Security
CLP Holdings Ltd

The talk will introduce the audience to the wide spectrum of CLP’s existing portfolio; the range, both expected and novel, of security challenges facing it and will conclude with some remarks on the most effective security mitigation strategies employed with some thoughts on the future.

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 16:15 – 16:55     Panel Discussion – Appliance of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Security in Asia
專題座談會 – 如何在亞洲實踐網絡安全及基建防衛技術The importance of critical infrastructure, such as the production and supply of electricity and fuels, water supply, transport infrastructure, telecommunications system and public health services for the national security and for meeting the vital needs of the population, economic and social activities cannot be understated. The panel aims to discuss the involvement of stakeholders, decision-makers and the potential risks associated with cyber crime, cyber terrorism and IP weakness within critical infrastructure systems.

Panelists 嘉賓:

Mr. Michael Tomordy
Managing Director
Engage Asia Ltd.
Mr Sean Lin 
Chief Inspector of Police
Hong Kong Police Force 
Mr Peter Messervy 
Director – Group Security
China Light & Power 
Mr Totti Karpela 
Peace of Mind Ltd 


 16:55 – 17:00     Closing Remarks  閉幕辭

Mr Gary Bukowicki
Hong Kong Security Association


*The programme is conducted in English and is provisional and subject to change by organisers without prior notice. 


Conference Fee 會議費用

2018 conference fee will be announced soon. 會議費用將稍後公佈。



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