Asian Securitex Conference

Security Technology & Trends: Opportunities & Threats in Asia
亞洲安全科技與趨勢 ︰機遇與威脅

The soaring cyber, infrastructure and physical risks have thrust security issues into the spotlight. Supported by the Hong Kong Police Force and other key international security associations, Asian Securitex Conference will explore modern trends and technologies to help stakeholders assess their vulnerabilities, modify response protocols and manage risks ahead. A wide range of topics such as cybercrime, insider threats, human assets, data ethics, etc., will be covered to offer audience a comprehensive overview of Asia’s security market.

隨著網絡、基礎建設及人身安全隱憂日益加深,區内安全問題備受社會關注。亞洲安防會議邀請了香港警務處及多個國際保安協會探討最新科技及趨勢,助持份者偵察安全漏洞,完善應變機制, 防範未然。 會議涵蓋網絡犯罪、內部威脅、人力資產、數據道德等多個熱門議題,帶領觀衆深入亞洲安全體系。

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Date 日期 : 17 Nov 2020 (Tuesday) |  2020年11月17日 (星期二)  
Time 時間 : 09:00 – 17:00
Venue 地點 : Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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