Build4Asia Conference 2016

Sustainable Architecture, Design, Building
Services and Electrical Engineering

With the support from the HKSAR government and 10 industry associations, the conference convened 19 Guest Speakers from Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Environmental Protection Department and more to offer latest research and innovative ideas on sustainable development in green building, renewable energy technologies and waste management & recycling. It aims to share and promote engineering best practice and technologies to meet our objectives in sustainable development to combat climate change; and to address innovative ideas and possible solutions.


* The programme will be held in English only.


Date: 4 & 5 May 2016  
Time: 4 May (14:30 – 17:00) & 5 May (09:00 – 17:00)
Venue: Hall 1, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre



Conference Programme 會議行程 

  Day 1 – 4 May 2016 (14:30 – 17:00)

B4A-01 Opening Remarks 開幕辭

Ms Anissa Wong Sean-yee, JP
Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR Government

B4A-02 Waste Management and Recycle: how NGO and Non‐engineering Professions can Contribute Towards Sustainability
廢物管理和回收:非政府組織及非工程專業人士可如何支持可持續發展Ms Sandra Mak
A-World Consulting Ltd 
B4A-03 Resources Recovery in the EcoPark, Hong Kong
香港環保園的資源回收工作Mr Wong Hon Meng
Assistant Director
Environmental Protection Department,  HKSAR GovernmentDownload PowerPoint
B4A-04 Elevator Modernization: An Effective Way to Improve the Performance, Efficiency and Safety of Aged Elevators
針對升降機老化:提升其性能,效率和安全性Ir Louis Yiu
Modernization Sales Engineering Manager
Mitsubishi Elevator Hong Kong Co LtdDownload PowerPoint
B4A-05 Low-Carbon Building Management
低碳建築管理Ir Walter Au
Technical Director
Lik Kai Engineering LtdDownload PowerPoint

  Day 2 – 5 May 2016 (09:00 – 12:45)

B4A-06 Shatin and Hong Kong East Community Green Station, Hong Kong
綠在沙田 · 綠在東區Mr Thomas Wan
Senior Architect
Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government 
B4A-07 BEAM Plus and a Latest Updates on Its Development
綠建環評「BEAM Plus」和它的最新的發展Ir Ho Chi-Shing
General Manager
BEAM Society Ltd 
B4A-08 A Road Towards Sustainability – Case Sharing of BEAM Plus Certification of Kwai Shing West Estate
可持續發展的道路 ─ 香港綠色建築議會BEAM Plus認證案例「葵盛西邨」Ir Franki Mok
Building Services Engineer
Hong Kong Housing Authority, HKSAR GovernmentDownload PowerPoint
Tommy-Li ISO 50001 EnMS (Energy Management System)
ISO 50001 EnMS (能源管理系統)Mr Tommy Li
Marketing and Communication Manager
Ceiec Electric Technology Inc.Download PowerPoint
 B4A-10 Knowledge Based Energy Management
智能能源管理Ir Cary Chan
Executive Director
HK Green Building CouncilDownload PowerPoint
B4A-11 Sustainable Building Design and Renewable Applications
可持續建築設計及環保能源應用技術Dr Vivien Lu
Associate Professor, Department of Building Services Engineering
The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityDownload PowerPoint
B4A-12 Sustainable Urbanism and Green Buildings
可持續城市化及綠色建築Mr Dominic Lam
Past President
The Hong Kong Institute of Architects 
B4A-13 “Internet+ Real Estate”–  How Smart Community Solutions Enable New Quality Lifestyle?
“互聯網 + 地產行業”協助建設智慧社區Mr Roy Ng
Deputy Director, Solution Department
China Telecom Global LtdDownload PowerPoint

  Day 2 – 5 May 2016 (14:15 – 17:00)

 B4A-14 Intelligent Zone Lighting
智能照明區Ir Dr Bryan Pong
Chief Technology Officer
CET Opto Co LtdDownload PowerPoint
B4A-15 Harness the Power of LED Lighting with Distributed Computing
LED照明的電源與分佈式計算應用Mr Henry Yau
CEO and Founder
DeLight Power Products LtdDownload PowerPoint
B4A-16 How IOT Solutions Enable Building Energy Efficiency
IOT技術開拓樓宇能源效益Mr Travis Kan
Director of Marketing and Business Development
Schneider Electric (Hong Kong) LtdDownload PowerPoint
B4A-17 The Challenge of Developing EV Charger Network in a City
充電樁城市佈局的發展與挑戰Mr Laurence Chan
Founder and President
EV Power GroupDownload PowerPoint
B4A-18 Energy and Information Correlation
能源及資訊的相聯性Ir Dr FC Chan
Build4Asia Conference 2016Download PowerPoint
B4A-19 Closing Remarks
閉幕辭Ir Frank F. Chan, JP
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, HKSAR Government 

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  4 – 5 May 2016 HK$50

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